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Heather's musical journey began at the age of 15 when her father bought her a Morris classical nylon string guitar. She began to jam with several friends, including her eldest brother. Heather was a quick study, and within a year she had begun taking lessons to improve her technique and develop her style. Heather attended West Chester University as a voice major. During her junior year at West Chester, she had the opportunity to go to the University of Northern Colorado as an exchange student. While in Colorado, Heather performed in an elite vocal jazz ensemble and had the chance to sing with performers such as Chick Corea, Sarah Vaughn, Richie Cole and Ed Shaughnessy. It was also during this time that she began to more seriously study classical guitar.

After graduating from college, Heather hit the road. She toured for three years with a successful rock band , Alter Ego. By 1985 Heather had become jaded by the music industry. The road, at the time, was just not for her. A good friend found her a sales position and she, in hindsight, developed marketing skills which she applies to her businesses today. In the meantime, she put down her guitar and stopped singing fornearly ten years. But at a private party in 1994, Heather was coerced into getting back on stage to perform with the hired band. Her musical spirit was reawakened, and she began performing with Breakheart Pass, a local country band. Heather and Dave met at a Central PA music festival in 1995, where each of their respective bands was performing. They formed Copper Sky in 1998, and their musical journey has continued ever since.

When she's not on stage with Copper Sky, Heather is pasing on her gifts to a future generation of musicians. She is a talanted guitar, piano and vocal instructor, sharing her love of music and her exceptional technical skills with many students in Central PA. Several of her students are now professional singers and musicians with whom Heather remains in contact.

Heather's Biography

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