Tropical Soul

R Scott Bryan

Mark James

Peter Mayer

Tall Paul

John Patti

John Frinzi

Michael "Crawdaddy" Crawley

TROPICAL SOUL takes their fans on a musical journey that sends them south where the palm trees sway and warm ocean breezes blow. This trop rock band's tunes range from covers of acoustic beach and pop music, to island-flavored original songs.
Mark James is touring with the Jimmy Buffett tribute band Parrotbeach on lead guitar.
I am a 50 year old (young at heart)harmonica/singer who trys to loves life to the fullest... I also love music. It has always been my main focus, as well as my hobby, my passion and a my personal savior for the past 30 some odd years
John has shared stages with various recording artists over the years, including Grammy nominated Nadirah Shakoor, CMA finalist for “instrumentalist of the year” Doyle Grisham, Nashville based Michael Utley and world renowned pannist Robert Greenidge.
A vocalist, guitarist, and keyboardist, John performs originals and classic songs including favorites by Buffett, The Eagles, Jackson Browne, Crosby, Stills and Nash, James Taylor, Paul Simon and many more.
“Music is a universal thing, a spiritual connection. I want my music to have that same directness – that same accessibility that first inspired me. As long as I can be true to that goal, I know I’m giving my best to the music.”
Guitarist, vocalist and songwriter, Peter Mayer has been quietly and steadily building a fervent following across the country, stepping outside his role as one of Jimmy Buffet's Coral Reefers to front his own band, The Peter Mayer Group.
Since his move to Nashville, Paul has played most of the clubs in the state as well as developing a southeastern college circuit where he currently performs to enthusiastic crowds, playing almost 200 dates a year!

Gary Allegretto

" Gary Allegretto is one of the finest harp players you'll hear" and "one of the classiest acts in the music business today, working only with the best backup musicians and taking the time to craft music noted not only for its quality but for its authenticity... real Blues".

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Harmonikids is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization dedicated to providing harmonicas & the joy of music to special needs children. The program gives harmonicas to children with a wide range of physical or emotional disadvantages and teaches them to play simple songs through easy instruction and gentle encouragement.

Sound Advantage
Bill Hartman founder

Bill started the company from his home base of Lebanon, Pa to leverage his expertise in servicing the lighting and audio needs of a varied list of clients in Central Pennsylvania.

Calypso Nuts

Kristie Bobal

Radio Caroline

John LaMere

Right Coast Recording

F or years, people have begged for entertainment- not just music, but entertainment. Since 1998, The CalypsoNuts have delivered just that. Audiences from Key West to Put-In Bay, and all along the Caribbean itineraries, have been delighted by the duo with the island twist.

Kristie has been surrounded by Music all her life.

From church choir to marching Band, college bars to concert stage. This natural progression has led to this, Kristie's first solo CD.

Their sound may be both familiar to you and yet fresh all at once- each note and every word, comfortably known, although heard for the very first time. Each song has been deeply influenced by a panoply of musical styles, which first inspired, and then bolstered the collective imagination of these talented musicians.

Right Coast Recording is one of Central Pennsylvania's oldest professional recording studios. Established in 1990, the studio is conveniently located in Columbia, Pennsylvania
IJohn learned guitar in his dorm room while (ahem) attending college at SUNY in New Paltz, NY 1982. The first gig was in 1984 at a local bar in Glen Cove. (Ugh! Let's go back to the drawing board).

Beachfront Radio

IJohn learned guitar in his dorm room while (ahem) attending college at SUNY in New Paltz, NY 1982. The first gig was in 1984 at a local bar in Glen Cove. (Ugh! Let's go back to the drawing board).

Your home for the best Independent Trop Rock Artists along with your favorite rock and country hits plus a great line up of radio shows featuring your favorite Trop Rock artists!

Goomba Richie and Goomba Cosmo Talk Trop Rock, Play Trop Rock and Chat with Trop Rockers all from the Northern Most Island Of Long.

Goombas Radio Hour

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I have no formal art training. Like my music, I paint ‘by ear’, or rather ‘by heart’.  I have learned to listen to my inner self when creating

Susan M Afflerback

Our mission is to expand the enjoyment of art around the world by producing the finest quality wearable art based on original designs by local artists. We are committed to living in harmony with our environment by using the most environmentally-friendly products available including water based inks, organic cotton, hemp, and bamboo and recycled materials. Through our business, we hope to give back and make a difference in the world.

Koz's Green World Gallery

As a solo acoustic performer, Jimi provides a wonderful musical experience, with state of the art equipment and top notch musicianship.

Jimi Pappas

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Girlz Rule

"3 voices & a guitar...A sassy, harmonizing female trio that will have you toe-tapping and singing the night away."