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Born and raised in Lancaster, PA, Dave is a talented self-taught bass guitarist. His love for music first began to grow while watching his big brother Joe practice with his own band in the family garage. Dave's parents were eager to fuel his creativity. They gifted him his first bass guitar, a Vox Panther, which Dave still has to this day.

Dae began to develop his own personal style while playing in many Central PA bands. His musical influences include Paul McCartney, Jack Cassidy and Phil Lesh. Dave toured extensively throughout the United States and Canada with the Susquehanna River Band, playing with notable musicians such as The Allman Brothers Band, The Charlie Daniels Band, Hank Williams, Jr., and the Judds. He even found himself on stage at the Grand Ole Opry for the Wrangler contest. He even once stepped away from his bass to sing with THe New Riders of the Purple Sage.

Dave came back home to Lancaster, PA to be closer to his supportive family. His love of performing never waned, and he soon found himself playing with various local bands and musicians.Dave and Heather met in 1995 at the Long's Park Summer Music Fest and hit it off from the start. In 1998 they formed a duo which Dave named Copper Sky, and almost 20 years later their adventures continue.

Dave's Biography

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