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The year, 1995. Heather is lead singer and guitar player for a country band called "Breakheart Pass" while Dave is kickin it on his bass and singing in "Susie's Bar and Grill". Unbeknownst to them, their musical lives were about to change when fate had set their paths on a course to cross when both bands where scheduled to play at the Long's Park Summer Music Fest. At the mutual show Dave would hear and was immediately taken by Heather's voice and talent with the guitar. So much so in fact, that when "Susie's Bar and Grill" was in need of a new lead singer Heather's name was at the top of the list and she was soon touring with the band. The die had been cast.

While playing together in "Susie's Bar and Grill" Heather and Dave developed a close friendship which continued to develop and grow both outside of music and musically. Also with the passage of time working together they learned that they shared similar tastes in musical styles and genre's as well as in where they wanted their careers in music to go. This closeness in friendship and musical spirit lead Heather and Dave to move on from "Susie's Bar and Grill" in 1998 and strike it out on their own forming the acoustical duo known today as "Copper Sky".

Where the name "Copper Sky" came from is a little foggy for Dave however it is a name he had in his head, stores away for many years to be used as the name of a band when the timing, circumstances and melding was just right. Over the years the duo's relationship has continued to grow and develop with one the most minor of bumps in the road and one firing (as a joke that back fired) of Dave by Heather which lasted mere moments when his replacement (a stranger in the audience) stepped on stage and began to play and she got Dave back up there right quick, knowing never to make that mistake again.

As "Copper Sky", Heather and Dave began to create their own unique signature sound by interpreting their favorite artists' music as well as their own original material. Songs by the Beatles, Byrd's, Joni Mitchell, Bonnie Raitt, REM, Adele and Allison Kraus as well as any artists who they felt in their soul, they found a way to work into their style and their performances. In 2000, they released their first original CD entitled "Beauty Out Of Blue" written mostly by Heather and under Heather's name. In 2007, they released a second CD of their fan favorite cover material.

Fast forward to now, 2017, and "Copper Sky" continues to perform over 150 live shows a year (in central and eastern Pennsylvania, Maryland, Delaware, California and Key West, Florida) while Heather and Dave are actively working to write the material for an new original CD. Perfection takes time. The duo has also earned an extremely ardent and loyal fan base that travel far and wide to see the band perform. Recently in 2010, when not working on "Copper Sky" shows or projects, Heather works with fellow musician, Dennis McCaughey, as part of his band "Tropical Soul" . With superb two part harmony and the power of two incredible guitar players, the duo is having a blast and creating some great sounds and memories and is going from local to regional to national in a hurry. Although the love is there to share their talents and time with Dennis, the passion still lays in the future of "Copper Sky".

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