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LAST UPDATED: Friday, May 17th 2019

The show for this evening, Friday, May 17th, at The Nav-A-Gator has been cancelled.

Heather is spending another week in Florida doing a mixture of solo shows as well as playing with some friends.


The new Copper Sky cd, The Alley Sessions, is available at any Copper Sky show!

2019 COPPER SKY GIG DATES ARE NOW FILLING UP FAST! Heather is actively booking now for 2019 and dates are being grabbed like they are going out of style. There are still open dates in 2019 but if you want Copper Sky playing at your venue it is suggested you contact Heather as soon as possible. For booking information feel free to contact Heather through email at: hmsguitar@msn.com or by phone at (717) 676-2812.

Sky News:

Tuesday, May 14 (5-8pm): Pass-A-Grille at The Paradise Grill 900 Gulf Way St. Pete Beach, FL (727) 367-1495 - Heather solo - Songwriters Story Hour

Wednesday, May 15 (7-9pm):
Train Depot
303 E. Venice Ave. Venice, FL (914) 412-0151 - Heather with Sunny Jim - Tickets Sold Online - see Adela Gonzales White

Friday, May 17 (6-9pm): The Nav-A-Gator
9700 SW Riverview Cir. Lake Suzy, FL (914) 625-4404 - Heather solo - *** CANCELLED ***

This Weeks Schedule at a Glance:

Who Is Copper Sky:

Who is Copper Sky? Wow, that's a tough question to give a straight answer.

There is truly no easy way to define, categorize or pigeon hole Copper Sky. What is known for sure is that Copper Sky is comprised of two tremendously talented musicians who put forth incredible live shows. Heather (guitar/vocals) and Dave (bass/vocals) are based in Central Pennsylvania. They regularly travel to Maryland, Delaware, New York, California, Colorado, Florida and even Ireland, performing as Copper Sky, Heather solo and Heather with Girlz Rule.

Heather and Dave have developed a dedicated and passionate fan base who are willing to travel great distances, including overseas, to enjoy a Copper Sky live show. A Copper Sky performance is an all encompassing musical experience, as well as a whole lot of fun for the audience. The band covers many genres of music, from folk, to blues, to classic rock, and mixes it up with some fantastic originals from their cd Beauty Out Of Blue . Copper Sky loves to laugh and interact with the fans and friends they have made on their musical journey so far, and look forward to making more along the way. Now with the newest cd, The Alley Sessions, available at shows, you can take a taste home to enjoy later.

The alternate incarnations of Heather solo and Heather as part of Girlz Rule are equally incredible and definitely well worth checking out. 

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The new Copper Sky cd, The Alley Sessions. is available at any Copper Sky show!