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LAST UPDATED: Monday, November 30th 2015

Its time to head south to see Copper Sky as Heather and Dave take the show on the road heading to Delaware and Maryland this coming weekend. Friday they will be found at the beach hanging out at Jerry's Seafood then its off to the Globe on Saturday.

BIG NEWS: The long anticiapted new CD release "The Alley Sessions" is expected in early December. Stay tuned to the CS website for more details and the posting of the release party information.

New Years Eve with Copper Sky: Heather and Dave are looking forward to ringing in the new year with their family, friends and fans at on old favorite, The American Bar & Grill in Lancaster. Festivites begin at 9pm and continue until well past midnight.

2015 COPPER SKY GIG DATES ARE FILLING UP FAST! Heather is still actively booking for 2015 and dates are being grabbed like they are going out of style. If you want to have Copper Sky packing your house it is time to reach out to Heather and snag the few remaining dates you want for 2015 before they are all gone! For booking information feel free to contact Heather through the "Booking Information" page here on the website under the Contact Us heading or through email at: hmsguitar@msn.com or by phone at (717) 676-2812.

It may seem early, and in reality it is, but it is that time of year that Heather begins booking for the following concert season and dates in 2016 are being scooped up already. Stay tuned to the Copper Sky website as there will be a mass addition of dates in 2016 that have already been booked.

Sky News:

Friday, December 4 (7-10pm): Jerry's Seafood 108 2nd St. Lewes, DE (302) 645-6611

Saturday, December 5 (7-10pm): The Globe 12 Broad St. Berlin, MD (410) 641-0784

This Weeks Schedule at a Glance:

Who Is Copper Sky:

Who is Copper Sky? Wow, that's a tough question to give a straight answer.

There is truly no easy way to define, categorize or pigeon hole Copper Sky. What is known for sure is that Copper Sky is comprised of two tremendously talented musicians who put fourth incredible live shows. Heather (guitar/vocals) and Dave (bass/vocals) are based in Central Pennsylvania. They regularly travel to Maryland, Delaware, New York, California and Florida, performing as Copper Sky, and also as part of Tropical Soul.

Heather and Dave have developed a dedicated and passionate fan base who are willing to travel great distances to enjoy a Copper Sky live show. A Copper Sky performance is an all encompassing musical experience, as well as a whole lot of fun for the audience. The band covers many genres of music, from folk, to blues, to classic rock, and mixes it up with some fantastic originals from their cd Beauty Out Of Blue as well as songs from Tropical Soul's latest cd Little Summertime. Copper Sky loves to laugh and interact with the fans and friends they have made on their musical journey so far, and look forward to making more along the way.

The latest adventure will be a trip to Ireland in 2016 to celebrate their twenty years together. They invite their wonderful fans to join them on the "Magical Bus"! The tour is currently in the planning stages.

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The eagerly anticipated new Copper Sky cd, "The Alley Sessions" will be realeased in early December. Please stay tuned to the Copper Sky website for more details and the announcement of the cd release party date and location. 

!!!!! HAPPY NEW YEAR !!!!!

Mark Your Calanders to spend New Years Eve with your favorite band, Copper Sky. Heather and Dave are looking forward to ringing in the new year with their closest family, friends and fans at the American Bar & Grill on Thursday December 31st from 9pm until well past midnight.

Bring on 2016!